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El Sueño (The Dream) 1940
oil on canvas, 73 x 98 cm
Private Collection

Henry Ford Hospital 1932
oil on metal, 30 x 38 cm
Collection of Dolores Olmedo, Mexico City

Mi nacimiento (My Birth) 1932
oil on metal, 30.5 x 35 cm
Private Collection, USA

Autoretrrato dedicado a Leon Trotsky
(Self Portrait dedicated to Leon Trotsky) 1937
oil on masonite, 76.6 x 61 cm
National Museum of Women in the Arts, gift of the Honorable Clare Booth Luce

Mi Nana y Yo (My nurse and I) 1937
oil on metal, 30 x 35 cm
collction of Dolores Olmedo

Los Dos Fridas (The Two Fridas) 1939
Oil on Canvas 173 x 173 cm
Museo de Modern Arte Moderno / Mexico City

Autoretrato con Pelo Cortado
(Self Portrait with Cropped Hair) 1940
Oil on Canvas 40 x 28 cm
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Gift of Edgar Kaufman, Jr

Autoretrato 1948
Oil on Masonite 50 x 40 cm
Private Collection

Autoretrato como Tehuana (Diego en mi Pensamiento)
Self portrait as a Tehuana (Diego in My Thoughts) 1943
Oil on Masonite 75 x 60 cm
Jacques and Natasha Gellman Collection

Autoretrato Dedicado a Marte R. Gómez
(Self Portrait Dedicated to Marte R. Gómez) 1946
Pencil on Paper 38x32 cm
Collection of Marte Gómez Leal, Mexico City