Painted 1916
no moon, sun, diamond, hands-
fingertip, dot, ray, gauze, sea.
pine green, pink glass, eye,
mine, eraser, mud, mother, I am coming.
= yellow love, fingers, useful
child, flower, wish, artifice, resin.
pasture, bismuth, saint, soup tureen.
segment, year, tin, another foal.
point machine, stream, I am.
methylene, joke, cancer, laughter.
warble - glance - neck, vine
black hair silk girl wind =
father grief pirate saliva
hay clamp consumption lively
wave - ray - earth - red - I am.
April. 30th. .
child rennet, his, king, black radio -
popular destiny I search - hands. today.
Elm tree. Olmedo. Violet. canary
buzzing - stoning - whiteness of gray
road - silhouette - tenderness
ballad - gangrene - Petrarch
sunflower - sinister blues. acute
rosemary - circumlocutions - garbage - yesterday
lap - tumbling - I draw close
visions - illusive - sleeping - pillar.

friendly columns - murmers of glass
abuses - nearby - lies - passion.
Arcane - thousands - money - vigor.
overlapping conscience - prostitute palm grove.
the strength - maring - hunchback control -
looks I say - withered hair
mikado - martyrdom - senile gurgle
= square bright star seized,
at russet dawn - at the green lie -
landslide nasal without pleasure seat.
first - decimated - pompous
bitter precocious - beautiful infamities
rotund orange throat
what a thing. graveyard.
moonlit hailstones singing
brilliant gesture
alert - padlock - roman
fiery. little box
he painted it. killer.
child - little child - brad
my leaden heart
graceful snowfall - airplane bubble
I was lying - flaccid - running - revelry
without story reason.
great haste mirrorlike
cardboard doll

Acute portraits with tender emotion.
searching - laughing - dark skinned - button
gerund Gerona
German sparrow
tawny throat
delighted passion.

Bee - fondness - perfume - cord
crumb - fool's gold - jumping voyer
soldier ease - solstice strip.
purple quadrant - open gown.
microned       matter
martyrdom     quince
grapeshot      micron.

Branches, seas, bitterly went
into the faraway eyes. Ursas
majors. voice . . hushed. life. Flower.

May 2nd. May 4th. May 7th.
He doesn't see the color. He has the color.
I make the shape. He doesn't look at it.
He doesn't give the life he has.
He has life.
Warm and white is his voice.
He stayed but never arrived.
I'm leaving.